In August 2023, I travelled to a remote region of Southern Alaska in a collaboration with Swiss/Finnish artist, Sasha Huber.

We worked together with the Yakutat Tlingit people, traditional owners of these wild and pristine lands, to make a film documenting the symbolic renaming of the area known as Agassiz lakes and Agassiz glacier. 

Louis Agassiz was a 19th century Swiss glaciologist with highly questionable views on race and genetically defined intelligence. He attempted to prove his theories through scientific practice before being ostracised from the global scientific community and his work universally discredited. The removal of his name from various landmarks around the world is one of  Sasha Huber's longterm developing artworks, documented through film and photography. 

This latest chapter of the Un-naming Agassiz project joins earlier films shot in New Zealand, Switzerland and Lapland, coming together in a large solo exhibition in Sion, Switzerland opening late April 2024.  

You can learn more about Sasha Huber's work at

Direction - Sasha Huber / Jonathan Clabburn
Cinematography / edit - Jonathan Clabburn
Sound Design - Iain Grant